our relationship with stuff

after the jump: a conversation about stuff with Grace Bonney

In case you missed it, I had the opportunity to sit down with Grace from Design*Sponge and talk about our relationship with stuff on her radio show, After the Jump. One of the biggest challenges for me in this whole process of exploring our relationship with stuff is that it’s a little fuzzy to nail […]

a spoon is more than a spoon

a spoon is more than a spoon

When we were in graduate school, if my studiomate Corey was having an off day, she would go into the hammer room and forge a spoon. Translation: She would disappear with a length of silver stock and reappear a while later with a spoon perfectly capable of stirring hot cocoa or eating soup. Eventually, Corey […]

why stuff, why now?

I’ve cared about stuff pretty much my whole life, but I was compelled to start this site – this movement – because lately I’ve found myself increasingly angry. I get angry when I hear minimalists say that stuff doesn’t matter. I get mad when I read Pinterest dismissed as trivial. I get frustrated when I […]

towards a healthier relationship with stuff

I started this website with the mission of creating a healthier relationship towards stuff. But the truth is, I don’t know exactly what that relationship looks likeā€¦ yet. However, thanks to lots of reading and reflecting, I do have a number of theories. These are some of the ideas I’ve been working with that I’m […]