why stuff?

Stuff has gotten a bum rap lately, and not for undue reason. The current system of production, consumption, and waste from which we get most of our stuff is deeply flawed. Countless TV shows highlight the unhealthy addiction known as hoarding. And our desire for more and more stuff has, in many ways, led to stress, anxiety, and financial trouble.

The solution, it seems, is to stop imbuing stuff with meaning and cut ties cold turkey.

But I believe that there is another way. A solution that lies somewhere between hoarding and Fight Club. One that acknowledges the value of stuff without resorting to excessive acquisition and waste.

I want to help us develop a healthier relationship with stuff.

Our current problem is not a result of placing too much value on stuff, but too little.

Because we don’t give our stuff the credit it deserves, we’re stuck in an endless cycle of consumption and waste.

Objects play an incredible role in shaping who we are as individuals and cultures. Stuff communicates meaning and identity. Stuff connects us to others, past and present, and to ourselves. Stuff provides aesthetic and sensory experiences.

Stuff has the power to nourish us physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

Not all stuff, of course. But the good stuff does all of this.

This website is an attempt to make sense of the stuff that surrounds us. To find the good, nourishing, incredible stuff that makes our lives better. To find a better solution to the problems of stuff than the ones that currently exist. To understand the value that stuff provides. To explore the ways that stuff contributes to our well-being.

In short, to help repair our conflicted relationship with stuff.